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Retaining Valuable Talent

Talent is the most important resource your company has. It is essential to learn not only how to keep your talent, but also how to keep your talent happy. In this session, you will take a personality test and be given one to take back to your office. This test is a great way to better match the right employee to the right job. You will learn how different leadership styles play a role in talent retention and also see if there is a “dark side” to talent. We will also teach you “future proofing” - a way to ensure you keep your talent through your entire journey to success.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

We live in a world where we are expected to do a lot of things in a very small amount of time. The Wall Street Journal recently published a study that said that multi-tasking is a myth. The article said doing two things at once actually takes 50% longer than doing the two things separately. Can we multi-task? Should we multi-task? Join us and get the answers. In this class, you will learn how to gain control of your workday, establish your priorities, get organized and delegate like a pro.


Coaching and Creating Successful Teams

Building a strong team and coaching that team is essential to a successful and profitable business. In this interactive, entertaining seminar, you will learn the six habits of highly effective teams. You will also learn tips and techniques for building a strong team. And, once your team is established, you will learn how to motivate, coach and inspire them through chaos, conflict and success. It will instill a passion that will allow them to rally their other team members to high-quality, top-notch performances day after day.


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