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Say What You Mean - Just Don't Be Mean When You Say It



Kids These Days! Cross-Generational Communication

Never, in the history of our world, have we had such different generations colliding in the workforce. I’m sure you have either heard or said something like, “Kids these days” or “Older people just don’t get it”. In this eye-opening seminar, you will learn about the four generations in the workforce, what motivates and annoys them, how to com­municate with them and how to bridge the gaps between them.

​Power Speaking for Success 

A large majority of the population lists public speaking as its #1 fear. For some, it ranks even higher than death! Being able to speak in front of people (whether it be 2 or 200) is an essential skill that leads to success. In this seminar, you will learn how to read your audience, how to look confident (even when you’re not) and how to handle difficult questions. You will also learn how to create an unforgettable and exciting presentation, as well as, what to do if something goes wrong during your presentation.

What Planet Are You From? 

There has been, at least one time, that you thought every member of the other gender was crazy. You wondered why anyone would ever act or think that way. Men and women are wired differently - from our emotions, to our decision-making skills, to early socialization skills developed as children. In this seminar, you will learn how the other gender is “wired.” You’ll overcome stereotypes and understand the vocal, verbal and non-verbal differences that can cause miscommunication.

How Will We All Get Along?

Conflict is a part of our everyday life – both personally and professionally. In this seminar, you will learn the biggest mistakes in handling conflict. You will learn what conflict is, where it comes from and specific and common problem areas that lead to conflict. With 8 essential steps, you will be given the tools to a win-win conflict management style. 

Read Others Like A Book

Do you ever wonder if people are really being honest with you?  Have you ever given off the wrong impression or made a bad hiring decision?  Body language is 55% of your total communication image.   Learn how to read your clients, bosses and co-workers by using the same skills that FBI interrogators do! 

Knock Em’ Dead

 Learn how to talk to anyone by engaging in the art of small talk.  Start a conversation, keep it going, and become a successful networker.  Then, learn how these skills can help you improve your communication effectiveness while speaking to large groups.

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