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EnterTRAINing International - Specializing in interactive training using humor, and games
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One in every five private-sector workers is a member of Generation Y, also known as Millennials. Born between the late 1970s and late 1990s, they are the biggest generation since the baby boomers and the fastest-growing segment of the workforce.

Generation Y doesn’t think, act or LEARN the same way previous generations do.

Managers who want to remain competitive in their field learn how to successfully train and motivate these employees to quickly gain their loyalty and trust.

Generation Y has three specific expectations from their employers:

1)      To be rewarded

2)      To adjust in accordance with their short attention spans

3)      To make the workforce fun

The goal of EnterTRAINing International, LLC is to meet and exceed each one of those expectations.

We know that a successful training session will depend more on the process than the content. The founder of Toastmasters International, Dr Ralph Smedley said “people learn most in moments of enjoyment,” and any experienced trainer would agree; yet so many trainers have an ‘issue’ with the concept of enterTRAINing. 

Times have changed.   People, nowadays, have become used to having information presented to them in an entertainment format. Even the nightly news – arguably the most ‘serious’ program in any station’s schedule – is designed to be entertainment. If you don’t present your information to them in a way that truly engages them it is likely to be a waste of time and money.

 John Cleese said “If I can make you laugh with me, you like me better, which makes you more open to my ideas. And if I can get you to laugh at a particular point that I make, by laughing at it, you acknowledge it’s truth.” The use of humor to reinforce your point makes for a more convincing trainer. This results in a training session that is more engaging,

It has also been shown that the two things that people are most likely to remember are a shocking statistic or a funny line. But, fun is not so much something you say or do as an atmosphere you create. When the atmosphere of fun is established, the humor is then creative and enjoyable. And the fastest way to create this atmosphere is to show your students that, while we take our training role very seriously, we don’t take ourselves seriously and either should you!

EnterTRAINing International - Specializing in interactive training using humor, and games

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